Unsure where your organization stands on AI adoption? Find out now with the AI Adoption Enhancer

The «AI Adoption Enhancer» is an integrated combination of a unique Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution with a carefully derived framework for AI best practices. Get access to a database with bench-marking data across all ten AI adoption dimensions and craft a strategy to unlock the full potential of AI for your organization.

Four key features

Functional modules of the 
AI Adoption Enhancer

Adoption Sprint

  • Start and manage a new «Adoption Sprint»
  • Systematically assess the level of AI adoption across 10 major dimensions and 80 relevant
    best-practice criteria
  • Assign roles to internal manager sand experts to involve them in specific areas and domains    

Assessment Engine

  • Conduct structured benchmarking across all dimensions and criteria
  • Compare company status with best-practice,
top quintile and average peer group levels
  • Identify need for action by gap analysis

Progress Tracker

  • Track the execution of a defined roadmap and action plan
  • Continuously monitor the AI Adoption level by comparing results and progress over time


  • Derive specific recommendations to improve
    the level of AI Adoption and value creation
  • Define possible actions across all relevant dimensions
  • Give step-by-step advice on how to improve

Identify and execute the right priorities to accelerate AI adoption and value creation

Best practice framework
Access to over one hundred best-practices from world-class technology firms and industry-leading companies across the globe.
Structured 360º analysis along the 10 major dimensions most relevant for successful AI adoption.
Comparison with best-practices and peer groups in combination with a gap analysis.
Strategic recommendations
Specific, prioritized and actionable recommendations to foster AI adoption and value creation for your organization.
Adoption planning & monitoring
Continuous monitoring of AI adoption progress and the implementation progress of the strategic recommendations.

Our value proposition

Get ready for the AI era and unlock its benefits

Get a structured assessment of your organization’s AI adoption, maturity and readiness with AI-powered strategic recommendations for a tailor-made AI roadmap for your company.