Unlock massive benefits by empowering your workforce with the AI Booster

GenAI is here to stay. Therefore, it is key that your employees build a solid understanding of the technology and the potential it offers, but also the limitations. Our AI Booster enables effective workforce empowerment for 150+ different job areas and enables your employees to apply, create, and innovate with the latest AI tools - preparing them for the new age of GenAI.

Empower your people
Boost productivity
Embrace the new normal

AIBS helps to become more successful by leveraging AI


Train your whole workforce in a highly personalized way - with content from beginner to master level.


Foster practicial AI application by by seamless integration into daily job routines - all on the AI trainer platform.


Easily enable your employees to create their own, tailor-made AI solutions, apps, agents, and workflows.


Drive company-wide innovation with our bottom-up innovation tools, creating and evaluating ideas effortlessly.

Different levels for different users

Empower your workforce to use GenAI -
reach your strategic objectives


Beginner level

Understand & Try-out

Understand the AI basics, learn how it works and how to apply it, and try out this new technology in practice.


Expert level

Exercise & Apply

Practice job-specific AI technologies and use cases, exercise and train your skills, start to apply AI in your daily work.


Master level

Innovate & Create Impact

Create tailor-made AI solutions and workflows for job-specific tasks, apply them in practice, share innovations across your teams and create tangible business value.

Our promise

A scalable platform to boost workforce productivity through AI

Our scalable SaaS solution drives significant productivity improvements and value creation by empowering people through job-specific training, enabling application, creation, and bottom-up innovation with a unique array of use cases and practical playgrounds.

Increased productivity

Unlock hyper-productivity for your employees, enabling them to become better and faster at what they do.

Bottom-up innovation

With our innovation tools, your employees can brainstorm industry and company specific use cases.

Mass mobilization

Achieve a mass mobilization and roll-out among thousands of employees with our scalable SaaS-solution.

Employee retention

Talents will embrace innovation as well as feel empowered and motivated to use new technology.

Identification of front runners

Identify the most capable and engaged «hidden talents» as future front runners to drive technology and innovation.

Technology mindset

Establish a technology mindset in your organization, fostering further digitization initiatives.